Become An Affliate Partner

Here are the fantastic benefits you will enjoy as a Naijamart Affiliate Partner:

Earn commission for every unique seller you successfully sign up. Help grow the Naijamart marketplace and get rewarded for it!

Whether you want to dedicate a few hours a week or go all-in full-time, the Naijamart Affiliate Program fits your lifestyle.

Achieve your targets and unlock bonus earnings on top of your regular commissions.

Be Our Verification Partner

Naijamart offers unique services where Vehicles and Properties offered for sale on Naijamart are qualified, validated and verified by competent Legal and Vehicle professionals so that our users can buy with 100% guarantee and peace of mind. The properties and Vehicle that have been through this verification process will bear the Hallmark Approval of Naijamart
Becoming a verification partner for offers several benefits that can enhance your business’s credibility, expand your market reach, and drive growth:

  • Reputation: Association with will enhance your business’s reputation. Being recognized as a trusted verification partner signals to customers and other businesses that your services meet high standards.
  • Brand Recognition: Your business will be associated with the brand, which can increase your visibility and credibility in the market.
  • Access to New Clients: As a verification partner, you will likely gain access to’s extensive user base, opening up opportunities to acquire new clients who need verification services.
  • Market Expansion: Partnering with a major online marketplace like can help you tap into new markets and regions, expanding your business footprint.
  • Increased Demand for Services: As businesses and individuals using seek verification services, your business may experience an increase in demand, leading to potential revenue growth.
  • Referral Business: Satisfied clients from can lead to word-of-mouth referrals, further boosting your business.
  • Partnership Network: Being a part of’s ecosystem allows you to network with other partners and businesses, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.
  • Industry Insights: Collaborating with can provide valuable insights into market trends and customer needs, helping you tailor your services accordingly.
  • Differentiation: Being a verification partner can differentiate your business from competitors who do not have similar affiliations, giving you a unique selling proposition.
  • Preferred Partner Status: You may be listed as a preferred partner on, giving you an edge over competitors in the verification services market.
  • Joint Marketing Efforts: Engage in joint marketing campaigns with to promote your verification services. This can include co-branded content, promotions, and events.
  • Visibility: Your brand may be featured on’s website, newsletters, and other marketing materials, increasing your visibility among potential clients.
  • Feedback Loop: Regular interactions with and its users can provide valuable feedback on your services, allowing you to continuously improve and adapt to market needs
  • Best Practices: Learn and adopt best practices in verification services from industry leaders and peers within the network.

Steps to Become a Verification Partner

  1. Complete and submit the online application form
  2. Accept our Terms and Conditions
  3. Attach your Qualification Credentials and Professional Association Membership
  4. Await for your approval as our verification partner

Please note that the guarantee is by our verification partners and not by Naijamart. In the event of any dispute regarding this verification, such dispute will be with the said verification partner.

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